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Building Business from

Heaven Down!
Conference 1.0
Web Conference

Not just for business owners!

This conference is not just for business owners but also anyone who wants to expand their abilities to hear Heaven speak, engage with angels or men or women in white linen, to learn to live spirit first! These things and more will be taught at this Web Conference! Please join us!

May 22-23, 2020
Albemarle, North Carolina
Designed for Entrepreneurs · Business Owners · Non-profit Leaders · Ministry Leaders

The 1.0 Conference

4 Sessions of Powerful Instruction
Morning & Afternoon
May 22-23, 2020

It is time for rejuvenation! Many of us have been under "Stay at Home Guidelines" for the last month or more and we need some refreshing! This web conference will help you do precisely that!

You will learn vital information for your full engagement of the Heaven Down paradigm for business building at The Business Conference 1.0. This will prepare you for the full on-site only Business Conference 2.0 to be held in June 2020. Although this is not a requirement for the 2.0 conference it is highly recommended and if you cannot attend the 2.0 conference this is a standalone web conference.


Here are some of the things we will be teaching:


  • How to Hear God's Voice - 4 Keys to successful mastery of the ability to hear Heaven speak and how you need to respond!

  • How to access the realms of Heaven

  • How & why to engage the angels of Heaven and the Men & Women in White Linen

  • How to see in the spirit realm - unlock this powerful ability so vital to your walk with God

  • How to become "spirit forward" in your daily pursuits. Learn to live out of your spirit - not your soul.

  • How to capture Heaven's messages through your dreams & visions

Complete with demonstration and practical applications, you will get hands on practice with these vital principles for your walk with God.


Registration Levels:


  • Ticket 1 - LiveStream Only. Replay videos will be made available to registrants following the conference. (Price: $150.00)

  • Ticket 2 - Registration for the 2.0 Conference to be held June 18-20, 2020 and to participate in this 1.0 web conference at no additional charge. Just register for the 2.0 Conference and we will provide the information to participate in this 1.0 web conference.


Bringing experience and knowledge
Dr. Ron M. Horner

Dr. Ron Horner is a communicator and author of Business Your Business from Heaven Down: How to Receive Heaven’s Input for Your Business.

He writes and teaches on that subject as well as about overcoming other life-limiters. Ron spent many years in the IT industry and has owned several businesses throughout his career. His work has taken him around the globe.

Ron is the author of over a dozen books on the Courts of Heaven and founder of Courts of which is dedicated to helping people understand and engage the Courts of Heaven and he is the founder of Business Advocate Services Global Consulting.

Ron will be assisted by his dedicated and capable team of Advocates/Entrepreneurs.


Tracy Murillo

Author/Entrepreneur/Radio Host

Tracy functions as an advocate in the Courts of Heaven and has unusually  keen insight into land and property issues.

Natalie Olson.jpg

Dr. Natalie Olson

Holistic Doctor/Entrepreneur

Dr. Natalie also works as an advocate in the Courts of Heaven with particular expertise in the Strategy Center in the Courts of Heaven.


Donna Neeper

Seer/CourtsNet Administrator

Donna is the newest addition to the team with her background in education. She also is an advocate in the Courts of Heaven.

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Friday 9-12, 2-4

Saturday 9-12, 2-4

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