Building Business from

Heaven Down!
Conference 2.0

Was tremendous!
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The Conference

2 1/2 Days of Powerful Instruction
June 18-20, 2020

Intense training and implementation on building your business from Heaven downward. You will learn the various aspects of the Business Complex of Heaven and how to access these assets in building your Kingdom business. Regardless of the field of business or ministry you are involved in God wants to raise up kings in the marketplace to make a positive impact in the earth. We will be releasing Dr. Ron's newest book Building Your Business from Heaven Down at this conference.

  • We will unveil the resources of Heaven to build your business

  • We will teach you how to use the Heaven Down approach to business building

  • We will help you engage the Heaven Down resources for building a successful business

  • We will help you implement the strategies of Heaven needed to develop your business

  • You will network with other Heaven Down Business Builders

  • You will be introduced to spiritual and natural resources to aid your business growth



Business Advocate Services

What is Business Advocate Services?

Business Advocate Services (aka BAS Global Consulting) provides consulting in the dynamics of the Heaven Down paradigm providing businesses with the expertise they need to develop strategy, planning, implementation and more to develop and grow their business. Our reach is worldwide as we have clients from around the globe.

As an entity founded by Dr. Ron M. Horner (author of several books on the Courts of Heaven) this expression is geared to helping business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in the profit and non-profit sectors build their business or ministry successfully and powerfully.


Bringing experience and knowledge
Dr. Ron M. Horner

Dr. Ron Horner is a communicator and author of Building Your Business from Heaven Down: How to Receive Heaven’s Input for Your Business.

He writes and teaches on that subject as well as about overcoming other life-limiters. Ron spent many years in the IT industry and has owned several businesses throughout his career. His work has taken him around the globe.

Ron is the author of over a dozen books on the Courts of Heaven and founder of Courts of which is dedicated to helping people understand and engage the Courts of Heaven and he is the founder of Business Advocate Services Global Consulting.

Ron will be assisted by his dedicated and capable team of Advocates/Entrepreneurs.


Tracy Murillo

Author/Entrepreneur/Radio Host

Tracy functions as an advocate in the Courts of Heaven and has particularly keen insight into land and property issues.

Natalie Olson.jpg

Dr. Natalie Olson

Holistic Doctor/Entrepreneur

Dr. Natalie also works as an advocate in the Courts of Heaven with particular expertise in the Strategy Center in the Courts of Heaven.


Donna Neeper

Seer/CourtsNet Administrator

Donna is the newest addition to the team with her background in education. She also is an advocate in the Courts of Heaven.



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